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Friday, July 02, 2010

Aligned Partners

Aligned Partners  18x24" pastel on Canson

I began this pastel last night at Randy Higbee's Open Studio. A great evening for artist's to meet up, be creative, and share a few stories along the way.

The set up was created for a group, so it is rare that you find yourself placed with the best view. I realized after I began that the two roses, and the nectarines happened to be lined up down the center of my composition. Thus my title - Aligned Partners.  I think this compositio works, because the other two roses and grapes, create a nice diagonal which keeps the eye moving around the vase.

I had fun with this still life, because it is not a set up I would normally paint.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


18"x12" pastel on Canson

I just finished this pastel. Drawing the vase was enjoyable, without putting much time into the vase itself. I looked through it. Creating edges with all the folds of the fabric actually helped in creating the shape of the glass. I love the curves on this vase.

The bouganvilla clippings, looked to me like the flowers on a spring hat.

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