Thursday, March 03, 2011

What Can Happen When Things Fall Apart?

You can learn what you like and what just will not do
You can pay attention in a whole new way
You can find reserves you did not know could be yours
You can discover who your real friends are
You can let the past go
You can let tears come up for old sorrows
You can give love a chance
You can say no without thinking or second-guessing
You can find yourself tender and new
You can learn what it means to know nothing
You can tune in to your kids and really be there
You can produce extraordinary results under less than ideal conditions
You can find out you are more resourceful than you think
You can be disappointed
You can find out that is not the end of the world
You can let yourself be needy
You can tell the truth
You can surprise yourself and be surprised
You can survive
You can learn
You can grow

Jen Lemen


Jo Castillo said...

Lovely post. Your watercolor work is amazing, so rich in color and descriptive. Hugs.

Robin Neudorfer said...

Thank you Jo.
I have been knocked off my feet again. I hope when I get back up, I will once again find images that delight. I always appreciate your encouragement.