Thursday, August 26, 2010

Close to the Finish Line

Coming down to the finish line. After completing the top left corner, and doing a once over to check the details, I will sign it off. I do believe my next post will be the finished work.

Weekend in the Hampton's     20x28" watercolor

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Watercolor Update


Weekend in The Hampton's
20x28" watercolor

I painted a range of blues today. The laces still need to be moved in and out of the light, by pushing them over and under each other. But I decided to back off of them for now.  I also took a fresh white pair of sneakers and wore them out quickly.  I know they were worn daily at Lacrosse camp, so they definitely have a few miles on them.

I will reach and pull out the last sneaker tomorrow, and then I am home free to paint the sticks.  The detail of the netting will be fun... I think.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend in The Hampton's - UPDATE

UPDATE of my watercolor

Today, I have been painting dark colors and attempting to prioritize my values as they move in and around the forms. Sometimes subtle, other times sharp value changes. I have the urge to paint the lacrosse sticks. I am holding back though, to paint the less glamorous forms first. The metal surface will take a steady hand.

Thanks for looking and sharing the process.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend in The Hampton's

Every summer we go to New York, so that my husband can meet up with eight of his childhood friends. Our weekend centers around "The Boys" challenging each other to basketball, tennis, bocce ball, soccer, and what-is-the-name-of-that-song. The beach is nearby, and there is pool to cool down after a workout. There is plenty for the wives and teens to do, after cheering "The Boys" on.

Of course this means a wide variety of shoe attire is needed. I love the scattered footwear near the door. It changes often throughout the day. My painting captures a part of the foyer where the shoes are removed.

I am sharing my painting as a work in progress. I hope that what I have in my mind's eye, will be created on the paper. Stay tuned...

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Pensive   20x15" charcoal on Rives

I went to the Randy Higbee Gallery today and was able to do a drawing of the lovely model,
Toni Czechorosky. I need to tweak a few values here and there, but I am actually quite pleased with this results, since I have only been working seriously on figure drawing for the past year.

Drawing or painting a model can be challenging.  Each time the model takes a break, the placement of an arm, twist of the back, angle of the face, drape of the fabric, can be slightly different. It takes a patient model to work with all the artists, to find a compromise that is satisfactory to all. 

Toni, told a story about how she was given this vintage outfit from her aunt's estate. The cutout lace trim on the silk jacket was beautiful.  The cut of the silk shorts was also unique. I wanted to study them closer, but I decided that was far too personal. Vintage clothing was crafted with great care. That is why it is still wearable today.

Friday, August 13, 2010

In the Shadow Series

I recently had some of my charcoal drawings professionally photographed. I am always so pleased with the results when I spend the extra money to do this.

ArtWorks Fine Art Publishing in Los Angeles, on Avenue 64, are wonderful to work with. My projects are always completed and ready for pick up when they say they will be. I receive the images, both as a HI, and a LO resolution, on a CD.

With these digital files I was able to upload to Imagekind an online print house. Quickly I received a few test greeting cards in the mail. Their matte finish, looks like a mini charcoal drawing. Each card comes in its own sleeve with envelope. Very impressive if I do say so myself.

Ideas are floating in my head.

Here are the first four: