Sunday, October 17, 2010

Figure Drawing

    New Mother 20x15" charcoal on Rives

After many years of being fearful of figure drawing, and hesitating to add it to my skill sets, I believe I have overcome one of the obstacles that has challenged me. This morning... much to my surprise, I found myself listed on a figure drawing blog.

Today, I am not able to head off to a figure workshop. The check engine light is brightly lit on my car dash and I don't want to take the chance. So, I plan on working a bit more on this drawing, to see if I can pull her form through the  paper. It is a rainy day here in CA, so I see this as an inviting opportunity. What is so wonderful about Rives BFK paper is that if I go off course, I can always wipe it down, add more charcoal, and begin again.

This is a fun process for me. Working with kneaded eraser,  then a charcoal pencil, on a charcoal ground, I push and pull the darks and lights. If one area isn't going as planned, I can take the chamois that has charcoal dust on it, and I wipe the area back, and begin lifting the lights again.  It also helps to step away from the work from time to time in order to get some perspective on the subject. I tend to get lost in the texture of the paper, and need a break to see the form from a distance. 

This particular drawing began slightly different last week. I usually have a second sheet of paper under the piece I am working on, to add padding. Otherwise, I see the hard surface of the board come through to the paper surface. I also was working with smaller pieces of compressed charcoal than I normally do, to lay in my dark ground. So far, I think I am turning two negatives into a positive.

Now, if only I could get this little guy to pose for me.

    Max 1.5 yr old gray tabby on couch


Billie Crain said...

Your figure is stunning, Robin.:) It's obvious you have a knack for this.

Btw, I'd call that a pose if ever I saw one! I'm referring to the cat, of course.;)

Robin Neudorfer said...

Thank you Billie. I think I will ask Rebecca to model for me so that I get the collar bone correct, and that hand.
The confidence is appreciated.

Yes Max is a poser :D

jjackm said...

Very nice. I hope to see it finished.

Robin Neudorfer said...

I plan on it... Thanks for the encouragement. Far too easy to move on to the next challenge, and lay this between the glassine paper in the drawer.