Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let's Play

Let's Play 20 x 24" pastel on Canson

I did a new piece yesterday with the intention of donating it to an organization here in town. We have been asked to submit one or two pieces of work. I see it as a great way to put my name, and art, in front of some prominent people in the community.

I am rushing to get it framed up to drop it off this morning, but I wanted to capture the image quickly and post. I will fill you in on the results when I know more. It should be interesting.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Art of Giving and Receiving

Confused... What else is new? Been coming and going a bit too much recently.

Good news!
I entered a show today, thinking it was going to be for a silent auction, and was juried in. YEA!
With the added surprise that my work received a Merit of Honor Award. Double YEA!

This is what I entered:

In the Shadow of an Oak

I will clarify the fact that this will not be used for the silent auction, but for a show at the Aids Service Center in Pasadena. There is also to be a Gala Dinner, called The Big Night Out, same organization. For that I need to donate a work of art. I thought I had to donate work to the auction, to be automatically entered in the show.

So you see, things are a bit forwards, and backwards here in my mind.

BTW, my son is 2.5 weeks away from being a U.S. Marine. Semper Fi
All written correspondence has been positive. GREAT attitude! One very proud family here.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Nights in White Satin - Update 2

This has been an interesting and challenging set up. I have learned a lot on it.
I still see some places that need tweaking, but the next time you see it...
my signature will be on it.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Nights in White Satin - Update

I usually work on an easel or at least have the raised. This time I wanted a lower view, so I am working on the floor. I am sitting on a very low stool, and more breaks are needed so that my back does not get irritated by bending over.

Being white on white, I am taking it slow. Getting up a lot to view it from a few steps away. I think I should get the majority laid in within the next hour. Then some refinement and sign off. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Nights in White Satin

Taking a quick work in progress photo with my iphone, allows me to get back to work quicker. I need to get some black-out shades but for now, this is my WIP.

My first attempt has been filed away. I pushed the lights too quickly on it and I was not pleased, so I started fresh. Plus, the construction of these basic pumps has confused my eye. Working slowly to get the proportion correct.

The sun has not been shining at the appropriate times, for me to finish "Waiting for the Weekend". I hope to have a finished image before the weekend.

I hope you can see the colors in this white, on white set up. it has been a good learning experience to play the different whites, against each other, and see all the other colors as light bounces off of the fabric.