Friday, October 26, 2007

More Pastels

Eaton's Maple 18"x24" pastel on Brown Canson

A Sip of Yellow18"x24" pastel on burgundy Canson
Read the next post as to how this ended up with a designer fold.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mid October

Good thing that the hard drive decides to crash during a time when you are feeling like a bit of a break from routine. That is what happened to me. We won't even discuss what was lost in the monumental MAC crash, but yes...with my tail between my legs, I have promised my computer advisor, (my son David), that I will back up from now on, and... I will organize my computer in a much more professional way. I guess my computer files show the state of my mind a bit too vividly.

I have learned some new lessons from Alyson Stanfield, precisely about this subject, so now I can put them to good use. I also am learning how to use my Canon Rebel more effectively, so now I get to practice by re-shooting all my art. Not a bad thing in the least. I most likely will get a better image from the experience.

Here are a few pastels I did while in New York,
with Michael Newberry. I hesitated posting them then, because after safely returning them home, as I was sharing the drawings with a friend, I accidentally let them slip a bit in the portfolio. I realized this after about 2 min. By that time I had a couple of pastels with beautiful folds down the middle.

Tried the ironing trick..

On another note... I did want to share what I learned, since that was the purpose of the practice.

This particular piece was done near Columbus Circle, in Central Park, looking west. Very pricey real estate with a view of the park. I just loved how the peak of the one building stood out against the majestically blue sky. That was no exaggeration. While I was drawing, the street in front of me was filled with hundreds of New Yorkers...ok a few tourists too, out for a Sunday stroll, jogging, bike ride, rollerblading. I was aware, and yet I was in my own little world. That world connected me to these buildings, and how they were placed in space. I needed to tug on one corner, and push back another. Lift up one and turn back another. This is a process that is felt with the whole body. When creating on location, one actively connects with the physical world. The space, the color, the sounds, the air... and most importantly of all the light. Difficult to capture, and yet so worth the effort.

The Penthouse 18"x24" pastel on blue Canson

I will share some more tomorrow, as Blogger and I am not speaking the same language today.