Sunday, July 29, 2007

Circle of Light

In naming this piece, it was definitely about the light. However, as I gave it more thought, it made me aware of the circle of friends that have become my support. They actually do bring light to my day, and I know they are there for me over every bump in the road. I am inspired and encouraged with their words. I am picking up speed again, after a rough ride, and I look for the light around every turn. This circle of light I found on this day, is a symbol of that strength.

Planning my trip to New York in Sept., I am trying out all of my pastel gear that I am thinking of bringing. Much better to work out the kinks here, than in the middle of Central Park. So I took my french easel into Descanso Gardens, and found myself in the Oak Grove again. Same place as when I did this piece. It feels like this was once a sacred spot. Not sure if it matters if it was, as long as it feels so to me.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I was inspired by Sharon at Mooky's Hood to take a detour for a moment. I have seen her garden, and it is fun to find others that are inspired by the smell of the earth.
Billie, is another one. Her hollyhocks are to die for. Also Laura, recently did some beautiful work on her garden.

I have been attempting to recharge this week,after Life gave me a swift kick recently. I usually do that by going into my garden. This past year, with my daughters illness, I have spent more time than otherwise would be considered normal, researching on the internet. So... the garden has suffered. I prayed the koi would make it through. I knew they were there, but did not have the spirit to tend to them. They don't rub your leg, and bat at your ankle to feed them. Haven't seen much more than the nose of the two large koi. I think they tend to be a bit nervous, because over the years since putting in the pond, a beautiful gray heron has come to have sushi dinners without being invited.

This past week however, I treated myself to a half a dozen new koi about 8" long. Who would have known that fish have a personality. The two large koi have been out and about now, swimming with the newbies. They act like they are old pals. In fact, I just went out to take a few of these photos, and the largest was at the opposite end of the pond where I have a second "fall". He was enjoying the movement of the water. When s/he realized I was there, s/he made a mad dash back to the safety of the lilies. Truly, this one has not shown its face in probably a year, that I know of. Who knows what happens in the dark of night, but never coming up for a feeding. Now every day s/he is grabbing the best of the Floating Pond Sticks.

I am becoming more inspired to tackle the chores that call out my name. It really is a wonderful way to recharge and gather inspiration to come back fresh. To once again do that which so passionately speaks to my heart.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

California Art Club Celebrates City Hall

Cour d'Honnour8"x10" oil on canvas panel

The Crown Jewel12"x16" oil on linen panel

Monday, July 16, 2007

Paint Out

I started these yesterday at the California Arts Club paint-out. It was an all day event. Gorgeous subject, and the light did not fail me. However, just as ice melts into water, so does the light into shadow. What was once a warm color becomes a cool color.. so I put it aside and began another. That too lost the glimpse of light. I shall return to put the finishing touches on these. Come see the final results...

California Art Club Celebrates City Hall
Plein Air Art Exhibition and Sale
July 22, 2007
3-6 pm
Free admission
Pasadena City Hall Courtyard
100 N. Garfield Avenue
(great parking in Plaza Las Fuentes, by the Westin Hotel, and California Pizza Kitchen. I believe on the weekend it is $4.00. Or you can park at Paseo Colorado, and buy lunch there for validation).

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It is a very sad day for me today.
Our kitty Wesley, was hit by a car this afternoon, and died in my daughters arms on the way to the vet.
He had the sweetest little voice.
I will miss him.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

TV Trance

Rebecca 13x20" Charcoal on Rives BFK

I needed something to distract me from my grisalle, so I asked my youngest if she would be willing to sit a bit for me. She was watching Harry Potter on TV, and gave me a thumbs-up. I spent about 2 hrs on this. I most likely could twiddle with it some more, but that wasn't my intention. Feeling comfortable doing life drawing is my current desire.