Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pasadena City Hall

18x24" pastel on Dark Gray Canson

What caught my eye this week when out with my plein air group, was the bright white building against the brilliant sky. The blue was incredibly rich. I have learned a great lesson about brilliance and light while working on this piece.

I am considering going back out tomorrow morning (Sunday), when the streets are empty and will attempt to capture what I initially saw in this view. I had to pack up and run, as I received an emergency call. Such is my life lately, but I am learning to grab and go. It was hot anyways. Sitting on the concrete steps, with no where to move, as everyone as everyone had grabbed a patch of shade.

I am posting this now, just in case I get the urge to sleep in tomorrow. Forgive me for the lousy photo. It too was rushed. I am beginning to love the method to this madness.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


I would like to introduce to you, a friend I have met on the internet. I first met Martin Stankewitz through WetCanvas. Then we continued brief correspondence as blogging buddies. At first I was captured by his incredible sketches. It is as though his pen dances on the paper while he is recording his world. The pages of his sketchbook are full of life and show someone that can really see his surroundings. Then there are his monotypes. A very interesting way to make prints. I just love Martin's drawings.

I purchased his little handbooks that have reproduced images of his sketches, drawings, and prints. One is an introduction to his way of printing without a press. The second one is titled, "Ortsansichten". I can't read German, but I just love to look at the reproductions. He has a third book that I am sending away for, titled "Drawing the Urban Landscape". Just don't take my word for it. Look at his website and see for yourself.

I believe Art is an international language:

Skizzenbuch "Stadtlandschaft Stuttgart" 2006-2007
Drawing the Urban Landscape
Martin Stankewitz: Edition Handdruck
Online Art Gallery search: Edition Handdruck

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Comfort Zone

Thinking about how long it has been since I sat in a figure drawing class, I believe since college. You do the math if you like, I don't feel like going there.
I stepped out with Lori on Monday, and we went to a free figure drawing workshop at Art Center College of Design, for students and graduates. Starting with one minute studies, then 2, 5, 10, and ended with a 20. After 2.5 hours, Lori and I called it quits and vowed we would be back next week. Good practice for some upcoming work I would like to attempt.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Plein Air Wednesday

Reflecting Pool
19x26" pastel on Indigo Canson

Today we headed over to the Arboreteum in Arcadia. A few in the group wanted to work on a pointilism project that they are doing for a class they are taking with Mary Winterfield. It is definitely summer.
Heading in to meet the group, my eye caught a glimpse of this pool and it stuck with me. I wandered with the group for a while, but I am learning that the first view that catches my attention is the one that I should begin with. Otherwise you can wander for quite some time, and by then you are already hot and tired, and beginning to get cranky. So, I quickly went back to this area. I brought a beach chair, however it was too low for me to produce the view that I had in my mind. I also didn't have an easel. So here I was, with my pastels on the ground, my board propped on my supply bag, and me bending over to draw. Days like today make me figure out a "better way". I prefer to stand when I work. Perhaps a clip on the back of my drawing board, that it can be attached to my tri-pod would work. I will ask at the camera store.

So back to the view... I really love the abstract shapes made by the marble. At first the water was rather calm, with wonderful reflections and shadows. Then a kind soul came along and turned on the fountains (I did not draw them)l. However, now the water was dancing all over the place. Made for quite a lovely setting, and a challenge to draw. I think I was successful today, as I have never drawn water in pastel before.
It is certainly a subject that I want to try again. Just using these colors is refreshing on a hot day.

Pastel Workshop in NY with Michael Newberry - Sept 14-16/07

Monday, June 18, 2007

A pat on the back to work.

Daily News

The Viva Gallery and The Pasadena Society of Artists put on a very nice show. I was honored to receive such Awards. A check was attached to one of them. Scheduling such events is so important. Being on Father's Day it was hard to expect many to show up. However, being my first with this group, it was nice to relax and be an observer.

Showcase is over...Sierra Madre Art Walk is over... SMHS Graduation is over... mother's luncheons, teas, celebrations, are winding down. Now time to FOCUS.
The first six months of this year have been wonderful. The next half, I predict even better. It all begins with a vision, then one foot in front of the other.

Away message: Back at work

Michael Newberry
William Wray

Monday, June 04, 2007

Putting it out there....

This is my first showing ever with Pasadena Society of Artists, and my Treasures made the front of the postcard. I realize that they are showing the diversity of artists on this mailer, but that is proof that working in different mediums is a good thing.

Yesterdays Open Studio Art Walk, turned out to be a glorious day. Dear Lori, had the space painted for us, and it was such a gorgeous gallery. All of the artist's works were displayed beautifully. I wish they all had websites to share. I will push those that don't to create something this next year, so that I can link you to their work. The city of Sierra Madre was very excited about the turn out, so they have plans in the works for another Art Walk next year. I wish we all could live in a community that supports The Arts. I am thankful to
Lori Koop for encouraging this show, for providing us with a place, and being so gracious to do a tremendous amount of spring cleaning on our behalf. Here's hoping this is a jumping off point for her to find time to create what is now simmering in her.