Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rose Bowl Drive

Having not been out painting in a while I was a bit apprehensive today. I thought about what I have learned from William, and I proceeded. After about two hours, I heard a crash behind me, realized that I was witnessing a hit and run. I tried to run and take down the license number, but was unable to see it. Kicked myself, because I could have just picked up my new camera, and taken a photo. If there is ever a next time, I will know what to do. Luckily someone else witnessed it as well, and got all the information for the disappointed truck owner. By this time, my shade, light and spirit was lost.

This photo is for Lydia...

Monday, August 28, 2006

A Different Way to Look at Life

I find it very interesting how each of us sees the world. Many times it is not so clear, but through the eyes of a camera, one can express what they find unique in their personal world.
Here are a few images from my recent trip, and what caught my eye.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It is a Business Trip...

Not so much in the way of sketching and drawing lately, because I have been preparing myself and my family for my trip to Washington D.C. It is very much a Business Trip.
I am going to see the faces of my wonderful friends, Anita and Judi. Both WetCanvas artists, and I can call them friends even if we have never met face to face.
Now, my children have said, "But mom, you warned us against doing any such thing."
Well...it is one of those times, of "Do as I say, Not as I do."


Tomorrow night I am going to be breaking bread with Anita, and then on Thursday with Judi. We are planning on hopping from one museum to another, sketching, and seeing what kind of trouble we can get into. I know I will have loads to say, when I return, but I have decided NOT to take my laptop. I want to treasure every "real" moment.

These two are such a part of my inspiration and growth over the past year.
Such a big part of my life. Anita, is now moving from Mexico City to Saudi Arabia, and Judi is living in Pennsylvania. There is a group of us, from all over the world, that chat every Sunday night. Now, how awesome is that! We talk about ART!!! ...oh, and sometimes other things.

I then ran upon this from Daily OM.
I thought I would share it.
It is a great feeling knowing that I am....

Cultivating Inspiration

We all know inspiration when we feel it. It is a force that enlivens us and activates us to do something-we might dance, sing, paint the house, or envision a new career. We might call an old friend or plan a trip abroad. Whatever the case, doing what we do from a place of inspiration makes all things seem possible. Inspiration sometimes comes out of nowhere, landing unexpectedly in the midst of your life and lifting you out of your habitual mind and into a higher level of seeing. However, we can be more intentional with our relationship with inspiration than just waiting for it to come to us. There are many ways to cultivate its presence, from journaling to scrap booking to visiting with a particularly interesting friend. Finding what inspires you and consciously cultivating it will give you access to new ways of thinking and energy you didn't know you had.

Some people find that frequent trips into nature inspire them. Others have a box full of objects-a seashell, an old photograph, or even a collection of rocks-that does the trick. There are as many ways to find inspiration as there are people looking for it. If you already know what inspires you, find a way to incorporate it into your life on a regular basis. If you aren't sure what inspires you, or if it has changed, take some time to think about it. When was the last time you felt the spark of your imagination? When was the last time you acted on an impulse that felt totally right? When we are in the presence of what inspires us, we hear our inner guidance more clearly and we have the energy to follow its cues.

If it has been a while since you have been touched by inspiration, you may feel listless and dissatisfied. Know that you can turn things around by remembering what lights you up and bringing that into your life.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Positive Outcome

"I am a creative being, using my energy to cocreate a wonderful world. I know that I create my experience of life from within, and as I do so, I also create ripples of energy around me that echo into the world. My positive thoughts gather together with the thoughts and prayers of others, and together we create enough positive energy to heal not only our own lives but the world we share. I am grateful for the ability to cocreate good in my life and in the world."

Good news!
Results are normal, and for now life is too.
Questions not completely answered, but life is like that sometimes.
We need to treat each day like a gift.
Stay healthy.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sketching Kind of Day

I think I am wasteing a bit of time lately. Not really wanting to commit to anything until Monday. I will have answers, and figure out what I need to do next.
So... in the meantime I am spending time just picking a little here, and little there.
Let us pray that the news will be bearable.
Oak trees come from little acorns... right?
Oak trees are strong... right?
Let me be too.
Wet Canvas-WDT

A Precious Ear

I remember singing lullabies into this sweet ear. It still allows an occasional, "I love you". However, it just ran off to the movies to let someone elses voice, ideas, creep into it. Luckily I had first dibs.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Painting Journal

5x8 watercolor moleskine sketchbook


Where to Paint


Coffee Ritual

I have found these paintings to be very comforting. They are done small and in my moleskine watercolor sketchbook. I can put down my feelings, and thoughts with line and color. I don't have to think about the rules, or whether or not I have an element straight. I don't have to consider realism, or likeness, or perspective or... you name it.
I tend to draw with my eyes shut, and feel the thought, the moment, the memory. Then I open my eyes and the drawing either speaks to me or it doesn't. Perhaps my mind was not in the moment, and the drawing is not real. When it is real, I know it. I know what can be explored with color and line. As a sketch, I just push and pull the shapes with pencil over watercolor. I tried charcoal, it just is not to my likeing at this size. I don't want to have to think. The drawing tells me how it wants to be drawn. Is this possible? It is how the painting in the next post was conceived. It began a year ago as an intense emotion. Look at it now... All grown up. I wonder if any of these small sketches will ever grow up.

On My Easel

Better photo later.
Bottom one a close up of the knife work.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sophie in Sepia Tones

I put the Derwent's down today. I need to move along.
She is a beautiful model, and I love drawing her.
In fact I am going to attempt a small painting.
We shall see how that turns out.
For now:
14x17 Strathmore Premium Recycled Drawing Paper
Derwent Pencils

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Reclaim Your Power

There is insecurity running through the artistic community. I am curious why there is such self doubt. Where does this feeling of unworthiness come from? Luckily I am not plagued by this, as a certain number of my friends are. But then again, unsure whether or not I am capable of meeting Life's challenges... now that rings a bell.
Then today, this came to me by email... they always are sent at appropriate times.

There is an innate awkwardness to being human. With each decision we make, there is the potential for self-doubt and it is this-self doubt that forms the root of insecurity-a complex emotion that is a mix of equal parts inadequacy, isolation, fear, and hopelessness. Yet these feelings of insecurity that prevent us from fulfilling our potential by inducing us to abide by arbitrary self-limitations are nothing more than erroneous perceptions. We feel unconfident and unsure of ourselves because we judge ourselves to be so. Banishing insecurity is often simply a matter of challenging ourselves in order to prove that we are indeed intelligent and able.

When we feel insecure, we not only perceive ourselves as incapable of meeting life's challenges but also fraudulent and unworthy of true happiness. We move through life plagued by a sense that others have judged us and found that we are lacking. As a result, we are robbed of our personal power and rendered unable to feel positive about the choices we make. Everyone feels insecure from time to time because each of us is born into the world with unique strengths. If you should find yourself with feelings of insecurity, however, endeavor to understand its source. Perhaps you were repeatedly berated as a child or seldom receive positive reinforcement in the present. A tendency to withdraw from risk or uncomfortable situations can amplify feelings of insecurity. When you have pinpointed the origin of your insecurity, focus on your abilities. The more you utilize your personal power-by taking risks, boldly facing challenges, and acting decisively-the stronger it will grow.

Remember that insecurity is not objective. Rather, it is an emotional interpretation of your value unconsciously based on doubt, shame, and fear. As you overcome those underlying emotions through courageous action and copious self-love, you'll discover that you are capable of achieving more than you ever thought possible.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ready to Play

8x10 oil on panel

I have had difficulty color correcting this painting. You will just have to use your imagination.
I went to Lacy Park yesterday with my painting buds, and forgot that they hold summer camp there. There were not the crowds that I remember when my kids attended summer camp, so we were able to get some quality painting in. Of course it was in addition to the catching up some of us needed to do.
There was a soccer practice on this field, with approximately 30 balls scattered around. By the time I was beginning to place them on the field, the group had packed up. I did my best to quickly get the feeling down with a few little people. It appears like the palms are ready to play too.