Monday, July 31, 2006

Something New...

Never tried Derwent drawing pencils before. My set had Brown Ochre, Terracotta, Venetian Red, Chocolate, Ivory Black, and White. I am sticking with the first four on this drawing. Here is my WIP...

Strathmore recycled Drawing 400 series

Saturday, July 29, 2006

You Could Save a Life

...or at least provide a safe place.

Guidelines for helping someone having a seizure:

1. Help the person lie down as soon as possible.

2. Look for a medical alert bracelet, pendant, or wallet card.

3. If a medical alert ID or other documentation indicating that the person has epilepsy cannot be located, call an ambulance.

4. If the person is pregnant or diabetic, call an ambulance.

5. Turn the person onto one side and put a soft object (e.g., pillow, sweater, jacket) under their head. Lying on the side allows secretions to drain from the mouth; prevents the inhalation of secretions; and allows the tongue to fall forward, keeping the airway open. Do not try to hold the tongue.

6. Do not put anything into the person's mouth. During the initial phase of a generalized tonic-clonic seizure, the jaw muscles tighten and it is impossible to open the mouth. Forcing an object into the mouth can damage the jaw or teeth.

7. Loosen ties and collars.

8. Remove harmful objects from the immediate area.

9. Do not restrain the person in any way. Restraining while the person is rigid or having convulsions may cause broken bones or bruising. Restraining someone having a complex partial seizure may provoke them into aggressive behavior.

10. Remain with the person until they are completely aware of who they are and their environment, stay calm, and offer reassurance to the person and to bystanders.

Someone having a complex partial seizure may wander or look confused but does not require first aid. It is helpful to calmly and gently guide the person away from harmful objects or situations. Do not attempt to restrain the person.

First aid is not necessary for someone having an absence seizure . They experience a temporary lapse in alertness and need monitoring to ensure their safety.

I thank you for reading this and so does this graceful one.

Dicipline is Everything

Joseph Raffael

How the Light Gets In

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen "Anthem"

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Having It Easy

Our lives are an exercise in facing challenges. We dream the grandest of dreams as youngsters only to discover that we must cultivate copious inner strength and determination in order to meet our goals. Our hard work does not always yield the results we expect. And it is when we find ourselves frustrated by the trials we face or unable to meet our own expectations that we are most apt to take notice of those individuals who appear to accomplish great feats effortlessly. Some people's lives seem to magically fall into place. We can see the blessings they have received, the ease with which they have attained their desires, their unwavering confidence, and their wealth. But, because we can never see the story of their lives as a whole, it is important that we refrain from passing judgment or becoming envious.

Throughout our lives, we glimpse only the outer hull of others' life experiences, so it's tempting to presuppose that the abundance they enjoy is the result of luck rather than diligent effort. In a small number of cases, our assumptions may mirror reality. But very few people "have it easy." Everyone must overcome difficulties and everyone has been granted a distinctive set of talents with which to do so. An individual who is highly gifted may nonetheless have to practice industriously and correct themselves repeatedly in order to cultivate their talents. Their myriad accomplishments are more likely than not the result of ongoing hard work and sacrifice. You, no doubt, have natural abilities that you have nurtured and your gifts may be the very reason you strive as tirelessly as you do. Yet others see only the outcome of your efforts and not the efforts themselves

Our intellects, our hearts, and our souls are constantly being tested by the universe. Life will create new challenges for you to face each time you prove yourself capable of overcoming the challenges of the past. What you deem difficult will always differ from that which others deem difficult. The tests you will be given will be as unique as you are. If you focus on doing the best you can and making use of the blessings you have been granted, the outcome of your efforts will be a joyous reflection of your dedication.

Daily OM

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Softer Side

Mr. Urban Wrayscape, has a softer side. It was so hot today, he invited Bill and myself to come to his studio to paint flowers. His studio is a beautiful space. I am envious.
Paintings propped and hung everywhere. They look good on my screen, but oh, so much better in person. I feel I had a successful day and am honored to paint along side William.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


What a day!
I was invited to come early to the workshop which of course I took him up on.
It gave me time to tour the studio, meet Kelly and have one of Michael's generous lattes.
When we sat down to business, it was serious and a radical approach for me.
I was soaking up the information like a sponge. So very grateful that he was willing to guide me in this new approach - one I will call 3 darks and 3 lights.
If you have not ventured out into Michael's site, he has a pages of tutorials as a gift to all. Please, take the time to wander through his site. You won't be disappointed.

Here is my reference for the day, and my work will be up soon.

The Medwick's

While the crew was playing basketball, I chose a quiet spot in the garden to do a small watercolor in my moleskine book. Not knowing where it would lead me, I just enjoyed the process. When finished I was pleased with the result, so I gifted it to our hostess. She was very pleased with the gift, and placed it in a spot of honor on her kitchen window sill. It is always nice to give a gift I have created, and have it welcomed.

The Hampton's

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Nantucket Island, wharf.
We rented a jeep and explored the island the whole day. Beautiful place, but not enough visual stimulus for me. All of the architecture is the same. I need contrasts to stay motivated. I am glad that I was able to go visit.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Did you know that this word means to be, in spirit?
It does seem to come out of no where. Yet, we know exactly where it comes from, Spirit.
When we are tuned in to the spiritual energy we are open to receive.
I was also told once that we are sent little gems of inspiration. Those are those moments that we said oh I had that idea, but I didn't take the time to...
We are given these gems, and if we don't act on them, they are given to someone else. Think about all those ideas you have had. That most likely was the your spirit whispering to you.

The most beautiful thing in the world is, precisely, the
conjunction of learning and inspiration.
-Wanda Landowska, in Denise Restout, ed.,
Landowska on Music (1964)

Friday, July 07, 2006

TASHA update

20x20 Canson Mi Tientes (warm gray - despite the bad photo)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Self Worth

Human beings are very much like drops of water in an endless ocean. Our worth comes from our role as distinct individuals as well as our role as an integral part of something larger than ourselves. Simply awakening to this concept can help you rediscover the copious and awe-inspiring worth within each and every one of us.

Never forget how important, beloved and special part of the universe you are.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and
persistence, is the quality that most frequently
makes for success.

-Dale Carnegie

No one keeps up his enthusiasm automatically.
Enthusiasm must be nourished with new actions, new
aspirations, new efforts, new vision. Compete with
yourself; set your teeth and dive into the job of
breaking your own record. It is one's own fault if
his enthusiasm is gone; he has failed to feed it.


When you are really excited about something,
and want to make it happen, share your enthusiasm.
Use common sense, and do not give up.
Success begins with enthusiasm
It can be found and it can be created.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Peacefulness In Stability

Imagine a tree in your mind. See this tree standing tall, calm, and serene, regardless of any storms that blow around it. Connect yourself spiritually with this tree.
Choosing to remain spiritually centered anchors you to the peacefulness of your higher self, which allows you to be strong and stable in the face of difficulty.

I found such a tree in Santa Barbara. Obviously on the edge of a cliff for many years, and yet it stands strong and tall.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Alone in Santa Barbara

I found myself painting alone today. Jerry went for a bike ride, and I spent far too much energy searching for a spot away from the maddening crowds. I was not bothered, and had much, too much, fun.
I chose a simple view. Found my values, created my composition, which isn't all that easy with a moving target. Can't believe all the colors that were popping up to greet me. What a delight!
I think we have the most beautiful coastline in the world. The unfortunate part is that too many others agree with me.