Saturday, May 27, 2006


I do believe this is my tenth plein air painting.
We were painting behind the Autrey Museum and I set up at the edge of the golf course.
Those golfers do like to chat. Interesting how those of Asian decent would look, nod, look some more, quietly. Others, "Do you mind if I stand and watch you for a while", "Now don't you go and get too good, you might cut off your ear or something", "Oh look, Joe, she's painting those buildings over there", "Is it a good day for drawing?".
I kept my head down, and occasionally surfaced. How would they like it if I asked them a question, when they were in position for a swing? I think not.
Overall, I am pleased with my attempt today. I may even push this past a study, and tweak it a bit. This work may even be the first to be framed. A nice memory.
Thank you William, for giving me the confidence to try this.

Friday, May 26, 2006

A Slice of Life

I have been having a ton of fun with a new project in the Drawing and Sketching Classroom 102-2. After teaching 102-1, I am enjoying being a student again. It is inspiring me to use my repressed creativity. I have just been bursting with ideas. It is clear how I can push this idea in so many different directions.
This project is based on an idea by Ann Coddington Rast and is described as:
Working with an unconventional format challenges our habitual visual assumptions.

...and to think...

To think that a year ago I had a fear of drawing the figure.
I still have so much more to learn, but I am fascinated by the subject.
The light, the textures, the form... Now I need to find a day for figure drawing. There is so much to learn. May I please request an 8 day week.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


"By developing a strong connection with your inner self today, you will be able to enhance your intuition and use it as a powerful guide in any situation.You should be able to avoid potential problems and make beneficial decisions by listening to your instincts. The answers that you need can be found today by asking yourself the right questions."

...searching for my direction. I realize that no one can choose this for me, nor in actuality would I really want them to. It is difficult to make the choice because then the outcome falls on my shoulders. OUCH! As I take moments each day to consider this, I focus more and I can also relax a bit and know that this too can be flexible. Who says I can't do something different each year, and still come out a head of the game. At least I will be doing it and not thinking about doing it. It is beginning to make sense.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


This is a little river regulator building on the edge of a wash in Wilderness Park in Arcadia. It wasn't much to look at. I am not sure it should have been looked at, but the green is overwhelming in this park, I find myself looking for anything that isn't.
I don't know how great painters capture the light, and don't get lured back to adjust it when the light changes. There is so much to learn.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Waiting ... part two

Proms... teens in backyard around the firepit... remembering... being responsible... understanding... waiting... WetCanvas!... lurking... finding new sites... being inspired... sketching... until 5:00 am.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What Do You Sketch?

Karen Winters, asked if we find ourselves sketching the same things, things that we like. I gave this some thought and I don't think I am attracted to the same subject. For me it is a matter of time. When I capture a moment in my day, that is when I open my book. It isn't the focus of my day. My finished pieces are what I return to and what I need to be spending the most time on. However, I am not letting any moments of time be wasted. Whatever is in front of me, I draw. In the mornings while at the ice rink I add to sketches, or draw Rebecca's skating bag. The other night in Tony's class I sketched a napkin. Isn't it funny, I can listen better when I am sketching.
As a child I was scolded for sketching on the envelopes that arrived in the mail. Wouldn't it have been nice if I had been provided a stack of paper? My dad worked for a paper company.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Four Sisters

I met up with some friends from color class at Wilderness Park in Arcadia,CA. Surrounded by green, I knew that I would just end up with a patchwork quilt if I wasn't careful. So I situated my self near a bunch of picnic tables, and walked around. This view of the four trees captured my eye. I wanted to use it as a study in perspective. This took approximately 3 hrs., and in this time the light went from the right to behind me. I heard Mary's voice saying start a new painting when the light changes. Yet I was having such fun with this one that I decided to work with it. I hope I have captured the joy I have in this type of art. I have named it Four Sisters, because I am one of four ( I hope this doesn't hurt my brothers feelings, however I guess we can say that is the boysroom on the right).
9x12 oil on canvas board


There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, can circumvent or hinder, or control, the firm resolve of a determined soul.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

It is only when we embrace the unknown and venture out into the field of infinite possibilities that we discover what is out there for us.
Lissa Coffey

Monday, May 15, 2006

Tulips from David

This is from my 21 year old son, David. He is all grown up. Had his first legal glass of wine with me. It felt rather odd. A Mother's Day I will remember. A very special boy that one is. He made me work for my title, but there is much to be proud of.

May Sketchcrawl

L.A. Zoo
I really enjoyed meeting Kimi and Syd.
Though this was not a successful sketchcrawl for me. The noise, the screaming kids, the out of control parents, the animals inablity to pose for me, all created a bit of havoc to my senses.
Great fun sitting at the end of the day chatting with Jill, Syd, Lisa, and Kimi. Slurpies around the table, and sharing bits and pieces of thought. Certainly not enough time, but enough to know that I want to do it again. I want to go north. So how about it you guys, plan a crawl north. Lisa, one out by the beach, boats, ships, etc would be fun too.
Here is one successful sketch I have not had to add to. He was watching me the whole time. Very interesting, (smelly) creatures.

Love it at Levitz

Okay, back on track here.
Blogger has been in a funk lately. Or is it just me?
Here is a post of what I did on Saturday with William.
Only two hours here, as I rushed out to the zoo to do some sketching.
I think I would have been more productive if I had stayed and painted.
This is not a completed picture... definitely a study. However I have learned a great deal on this one. It was fun to go a bit larger.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

What are the Chances?

I am feeling really special today. I have been tagged twice.
  • Karen Winters
  • Terri West

  • Five things in my Fridge:
    1. milk (come on I have teens in the house)
    2. fresh pineapple
    3. cottage cheese
    4. pesto
    5. smoked gouda cheese

    Five things in my Closet:
    I must have the smallest closet in CA, so not much other than clothes fit in there
    1. NMDJ black jeans
    2. Eileen Fisher sweater
    3. Target black t-shirt
    4. my jewelry box (the cheap stuff)
    5. roxy flip flops

    Five thing in my Purse:
    1. sunglasses
    2. my new razor flip phone
    3. Bert's Bees lip gloss
    4. my mini appointment book
    5. Keys

    Five things in my Car:
    1. black down jacket for the ice rink
    2. a green blanket
    3. a cart for carrying my art stuff to class
    4. my plein air easel
    5. Rebecca's ice skating bag

    Five people I will tag:
  • Lindsay
  • Anna

  • (I have to come back to this because I lost everyones links)

    Lake Granbury

    I purchase a new sketchbook, with some handmade paper. Of course I assumed it would take watercolor like a breeze. 'Fraid not... I fought it the whole time and enjoyed every minute.


    I went to check my blog today and link to some favorites and all of my links are missing. So I go into my templete, and there are no links listed. I am really mifted!
    How does this just disappear? It has taken a lot of time and many field trips to pull together my favorites and friends. Grrrrr!

    Okay... here's the deal, don't ever get curious and see what your blog would look like in a different design. NO NO NO! Great suggestion from Karen Winters... copy and paste the URL info, file it away in a safe place. So Karen you get first billing on the new links, TY.

    Weekly Drawing Thread - WDT @ WetCanvas!

    I have had fun with this one.
    Wouldn't you know it my favorite pencil went missing last night. So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I picked up the next best thing, my Copic pens.
    I did the first drawing as a line drawing first. Rather liked it, but I couldn't leave well enough alone, and the lines took over. eehhhh... at least it kept me out of trouble. Tonight, my pencil decided to reappear. It had gone to sleep in my phone book. I told it to shape up and look busy, and it put on a good show until about midnight, then it just gave out (no more lead). Plus this moleskine doesn't like really rich darks.

    Tuesday, May 09, 2006

    Recent Sketches

    Texas Visit

    On my recent visit to Texas, I continued to sketch whenever possible. From the deck of my sisters house is a view of Lake Granbury, and beyond. It is very peaceful there, when the jet skis and motorboats have been parked for the evening. My favorite time of the day is the morning. I take my coffee, sit and listen to the birds, watch the changing light and make a gratitude list. Of course watching Beau, is a bonus.


    I received a wonderful ATC card from an online friend. I had no idea when I placed my name on the list for ATC swaps with my DT2 group, that I would experience such serendipity. This small original piece of art has significant meaning to me. Craig says he did not know what to draw, yet what a perfect symbol for me. Opening the door to possibilities. What a gift. It will have a place of honor in my studio.

    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    JOSH FINAL (1970-2004)

    Well... here he is in full.

    He was a talented young soul. Loved music. Played the banjo at a very young age, and graduated to the acoustic and electric guitar. Josh loved animals and they him. He had a cat that swam to him on his sailboat. Josh lived on his boat at Lake Travis, in Austin, TX. He loved every minute of his life, and told me once that he couldn't imagine doing anything else. He worked hard and enjoyed his environment. I miss knowing that he is there. I am angry at the fact that his mom, dad and brother won't get to see him become more of the man that they knew. Sharing in his new love and seeing his future unfold. There is emptiness where Josh once walked. We all loved him.

    I guess I still have two days that I can alter the original. I have decided to not rush the frame and take my sister to get it done in TX. She may want something totally different than I would choose. I see what I need to work on in my next portrait, but again being my first I am pleased. It was a treat to get to know his face better. In a way I am sad that it is over. Rest in peace Josh.


    A few pulled out of the hat while waiting...

    Monday, May 01, 2006


    Whoa... I certainly am brave to post this scan. It is really BAD. He appears to have black eyes and the drawing is much larger. Something about the light bouncing off of the white paper. I made peace with this drawing tonight. I see more that I can continue to tweak. Yet it needed to be professionally scanned, and framed. I will post it when I get it back tomorrow. I decided on Kinko's and the employee was very kind. He said he would personally handle the job tonight after closing. He wears gloves, and gave me the CD in the deal. I don't think $25 is unreasonable, especially since I will get it back tomorrow in the AM. Art Works turn around time was 4 days. I am on the plane in four days. I am relieved because there will be no more secrets. At least until the next gift I plan.