Monday, February 20, 2006

I am calling this one finished!

A month and a half, with a life lost, a new class, and two other drawings in the process. I would say that isn't half bad. Completion has been an issue with me, so this is a Good Thing.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Listening to my heart ... a new vision

You may feel mentally alert and open to new ideas today. You could find yourself looking for educational opportunities and broadening the way you see your world. This desire to expand your reality could affect your goals for personal growth or career advancement. If you’ve been in a rut lately, you can use this expansive mind-set to pull yourself out of it and seek exciting new paths for yourself. If you are unsure about your direction, today would be a good day to engage in some introspection. By listening to yourself and trusting your heart, you can create a beautiful vision of the changes you want to bring into your life.

By changing our thoughts and expanding our inner vision, we automatically begin to change our circumstances. Because so much of our conscious awareness is focused on our physical reality, we often try to make changes there first. If we can remember that our physical reality is most often the result of our inner thoughts and beliefs, we can make changes more easily by going inward. By creating a mental vision of the changes we want to make in our lives, we begin shifting our belief system to more closely fit with the reality we want to create externally. Almost effortlessly, our physical realities will shift and fall into alignment with the changes we’ve created internally. Go inward and create a new vision in your mind today, and your circumstances will also change for the better.

Ten ways to infuse your work with your personality, by Keri Smith

1. Document what you are responding to regularly. *journal/sketchbook, blog, listmaking, photo journal, bulletin board collage, internet bookmarks, Allow yourself to go deeper into an idea. Find influence outside of your field. Consider that you are ALWAYS working for yourself.

2. Start to challenge yourself on a regular basis to try new things, (not just for work. *i.e. new foods, colors, processes, classes, travel, become a guerilla artist, etc. Your hobbies are your greatest source of play.)

3. Go back to your childhood, (the formative years). What were your favourite things to do? In this lies some clues as to where you want to focus your energy as an adult. What makes you burst with energy?

4. Do something that is not for money. For your own enjoyment. (Your greatest work will come from here!)
-x-mas card
-product concept
-gifts for friends.
Design for yourself.

5. Use sources that are based on your daily life. Your life IS your art. What are the things that are most important in your current life?

6. Become a collector. Collecting allows us to look at one thing in a contemplative & mindful way. Giving you new insights and perceptions. Examples: Maria Kalman -purse contents, Steven Guarnaccia -shoe sole rubbings, Ian Phillips & Grant Heaps -Lost & Found pet posters, Mark Ulriksen (former art director) -misspellings of his name, Charles & Rae Eames -toys from other countries

7. "Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain." Ignore what other people are doing. It has no bearing on your existence or vision of the world. The times we feel the most discouraged are usually due to the fact we are comparing ourselves to others. Most times reading awards annuals, and industry mags only serves to make us feel inadequate. Try cutting it out entirely. Designer Bruce Mau recommends not entering awards competitions. His reasoning, “Just don’t do it, it’s not good for you.”

8. Don't promote to target your audience. By all means send things out into the world, but don't think in terms of "promoting to get work". Send stuff out because -you're proud of it, -you want to share something with the world, -it's fun to get mail, -to have good karma, -you want to spread your germs, -you like licking stamps. Try sending a postcard of something you made for fun, (i.e. directions on how to make a finger puppet). When thinking of subject matter for promotions look to your current life. If you deal with topics that are important to you a piece will have much more life to it.

9. Take a lighthearted approach (Don't take yourself too seriously). If you feel stuck, you can always reinvent yourself, (re: try something else).

10. Study other artists or creators who followed their own vision. Research.

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Southern CA Sketch Crawl

My very first!
Rain and Shine, we made it work with both.
Other than being a bit cold (for SoCA), we spent two wonderful hours drawing. From the tea house with cherry blossoms, to the men's lavatory where we found leaves holding raindrops, to the stream with koi and camellia flowers.
Descanso is a hidden secret.
Enjoyed meeting new friends, and look forward to "crawling" again.
Here are the pieces I worked on there:

Friday, February 17, 2006

Daily Drawing...well almost

Here are a few drawings that I have done while waiting on others.

This first one, is of the chair I sit in, while I am working at my computer. It is an old library chair. My mother gave me the set when they moved out of their house. It has been part of our dining room set for years. This chair could use a little wood glue at the top rail joint. Other than that, it is a mighty fine chair.

This next drawing is inside the hair salon, The Gates. My daughter was getting her hair cut, so I decided to start a sketch while I was waiting. The hair cut is adorable.
Can you believe that they are now charging $72.00, for a hair cut! I am in the wrong business. Nothing less than $50.00 an hour for my work, from now on.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


I did my very first Artist Trading Card. It was fun to do, but I am glad that it is done so I am not rushing to finish. It doesn't have to go very far, but I will get it in the mail tomorrow. No one from there reads my blog, so there is no worry to upload it early. I don't have my site posted anywhere, but maybe I should after I send this.
I have been having such fun with the folks I have been meeting around the globe. How awesome is this. Well hopefully I will get more done on Josh tonight. He is slowly emerging out of the flat paper. It is as if I am sculpting him. Strokeing his cheek and he comes to life. Oh how I wish....

Josh (1970-2004)

I have never done a realistic portrait before. This project is very close to my heart.

This is a lot harder than it looks, Drawing a generic face is not, but drawing a realistic portrait of someone near and dear to you is. To capture the twinkle in the eye, the hint of a smile, is done with careful placement of values.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Whatcha Lookin At?

Here is a little guy I am working on. I have never done an animal before. Actually have never done a realistic rendering of anything living...that is, with a heart beat.
This is being done to help my self confidence, and to work out some issues I have with finishing pieces I have started. I am finding that posting them is keeping me honest. Why, oh why, can't I figure out my scanner? One day I can produce a good picture, and the next it is fuzzy and gray. I think I deserve a new one.